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Fishing Key West with Herb and Barry

Report Date: February 1, 2006

So we have recently discovered flying pigs, and the flying monkeys, and how about flying barracudas.

The last two days I was lucky enough to fish with some long time customer, Barry and Herb. Who I believed decided that anything could fly, if it had enough lift or enough reason to. We spent two days fishing barracuda and let me tell you the tube lures where flying everywhere. The first day we had great success at finding barracuda and getting Barracuda hooked, however not too much luck getting them to the boat. In fact a darn Bull Shark even had the audacity to eat on of our Barracuda. I do believe that even that Barracuda did manage to take flight in a last effort to get away from the Shark, however, when the fish landed the Shark was still there. Flats fishing, like watching the Wild Kingdom on National Geographic.

Got Milk?

We got our return on that investment because after the Barracuda got bitten in half by the Shark there where now plenty more Sharks to fish for. I believe we even brought one of the Lemon Sharks to the boat. We would have gotten a picture but they say the Captain was not nice enough to hold him up for the camera??..Big Teeth???.I guess he was scared.
We also managed to feed a Permit and near miss a couple other Permit on this trip, however never got one to the boat. Herb hooked a Marlin I believe, or was it a Sailfish? We never got to find this out, because after two amazing jumps the fish was gone. I think it was about a 5 foot Barracuda. Big around as a telephone pole, that fish was. A few hours into the second day a cold front came through and we lost all visibility and the wind blew around 15-20 mph. But we managed to tough it out and made a day of it. With time slipping away we need some thing to happen fast. I think there may have even been a few prayers to the lord. In fact I think Herb restored all faith, where upon release of the Barracuda he caught I heard him say: see it does work, thank you lord.
In effort to catch a plane flight back to Virginia we had to cut out a little early so, Herb and Barry to one last cast. Then it happened I spied a fish laying up high on the flat, about a hundred yards away. So I knew I had to get one more good shot at a fish, so I pushed, and poled a hard as I could to get to that fish. When we got within range Barry made some sort of cast and wouldn?t you know it, he caught that fish. With only ten minutes to get to the dock we quickly released the Cuda and took off.

Thank you, as always it was a treat fishing with the both of you.
Your fishing friend,
Capt. Lenny

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