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Report Date: August 3, 2005

Down here in Key West the time is upon us that a guide welcomes very much. The sun is hot and the days are long, however, the fishing can be awesome. A guide welcomes this time of year because now that the Tarpon season has slowed down we have a chance to go fish for fun. We may not go all day but we will pick or spot based on how to maximize the amount of fishing time we have. Fishing for fun if there is such a thing for a guide.

I set out to catch a Permit with my ole fishing partner ?Woo? the other day. Now only fishing for a few hours so we had to be precise in our choice as time was against us.
As luck would have it the first two spots we never even saw a Nurse Shark. So a bit eager I said if the water is to warm high on the flat then we need to look in a little deeper pocket. So on to the next fishing hole. You see the way I figure these Permit have to be somewhere, and the great mystery of it all is where to look. In time you figure it out, not always so simple, but you should always learn something every time you go fish.

As I climbed up on the platform I noticed a half dozen big Sharks swimming over a large say puddle. Amidst the Shark I say some Stingrays. As I polled the boat along further I say no more fish. I knew at that point there was something that these Sharks and Rays liked?So not traveling far from this point; I methodically polled in a linear manner. Till magically the Permit where there, not sure how many, a few fish, maybe two or three. I told Woo these fish where swimming up our backside and he should see them when they get to the 5 o?clock position. Now in range Woo fired the crab. The first two swam past and then the third. In complete disbelief Woo slowly wound in the crab.

Woo, catches another Permit

Just at that moment the last Permit spun around a charge halfway back to the crab and inhaled the morsel. Watching this happen it was almost as though it took time for this fish to register that he just swam past a crab, and upon this realization had no choice but to turn back and eat.

These fish always amaze me. So we landed this Permit and yes he nearly was eaten by numerous Black Tip Shark, however, we safely landed him and them watch him turn safely back in to the deep blue se from where he came.

Thanks be to Permit!

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