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A Tarpn for graduation.

Report Date: May 24, 2005

Looking back over the years I can remember some very key points or things that happened or if you will, turning point. One of those I would have to say as many of you might agree was: graduating high school. What a relief to be done with high school, yet the aticipation I had that summer in between high school and college. Another quite memorable spot on the time line of my existence would be my first Tarpon. It was definitely a love and pain staking time. How awesome of a fish to have on the line yet what the hell did this guy eat for breakfast? This Tarpon is kicking my ass.

Well I once again had the opportunity to venture down these roads again with some customers of mine. Jason and Stone had just graduated high School and their father Rob shared a day with me out on the waters off Key West.

Leaving the dock at sunrise we had busted on the first two spots. No fish to be found. So traveling onward I though perhaps I might know a place where we might find a few Tarpon that certainly would like to eat. As we arrived to the creek I pulled the boat off plane and eased down into position to have a closer look to see the great Sliver King. There was a few rollers sliding around and I knew all things looked in our favor to catch at least one Tarpon.

So gearing up the rods with live bat we cast back a pinfish and we had a Tarpon come up and grab it almost instantly. Wind the line tight and raise up that rod tip, and don?t forget to anticipate the jump. I explained to Rob. So we wound tight on the line and came up with a smashed pinfish.

On the next drop back, Stone took the reel and waited in anticipation. When you feel that bait pull hard, you close the bail and wind the line tight and raise the rod. Don?t forget to bow when he jumps. Fish on! The line smoked from the real as the three of us anxiously watched Stone battle the now hooked Silver King. A few jumps and a couple of low approaches near the boat gave Stone some belief that the Tarpon would soon be boat side. However, the Tarpon had better plans. Beads of sweat now dripping from Stones brow and some squealing sound from the reel, we thankfully brought the Tarpon boat side. Forty-nine minute, which seemed like a lifetime to Stones now caught and released 75lb Tarpon.

So now it was brother Jason?s turn. With plenty of Tarpon still on the prowl we new we would get another bight. Jason now being an expert on my Tarpon fighting chants he went to work. Counting the distance of the Tarpon from his bait in measurement of time, giving us all great reason to believe in just minute he would battle his Tarpon. So wouldn?t you know it, he got the strike. Fish on! Bow to that fish, take no prisoners, and kick his ass! With that the boy went to work. Bowing on each jump as he learned from his brother and well wouldn?t you know it, it worked and just 20 minute later we brought his Tarpon boat side. Like weighing half the size of Stones, however, just as beautiful and magnificent where the jumps.

As we headed back to the dock that day the two of those boys now tired both had seen a new side of fishing that they had never seen before. Much like the next section of their lives. Like College, It will all be new to them, however, what a blast. Like catching Tarpon. Don?t ever give up your dreams and where you want to go in life.

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