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Tarpon Action is heating up in Key West

Report Date: April 10, 2005

As I sit at my fly tying bench in the carport of my house I wipe a bead of sweat from my brow. The stench of citronella is in the air as these candles are doing there best to keep my ankles free of mosquito bites. Tying flies and watching old episodes of the Cosby show or the history channel, what has my world come to? Well it must be Tarpon season.
Yes its here the great time of year when a guide transforms in to some sort of workhorse. Wake up at 4 a.m. and go fish, all day, every day??.An after that go and fish some more. You know what? I love it.

None of this is to difficult when you have great weather and lots of fish, which is so often the case down here in Key West. The Tarpon are starting to creep there way up onto the flats and all of the creeks are loaded with these Silver King as well.

My Permit fishing has been a bit slow, however, this is common for they flee off shore in April to spawn. But each day, I know, as we get closer to May there will be more of them around.

I saw a couple of schools of Bonefish the other day as I was poling across the flat. I guess the Benefiting has been pretty hot lately. I have been fishing Tarpon on a daily bases for a while now and I guess I will through June. Why wouldn?t I the Tarpon fishing has been great.

Hey, give me a call lets get you out fishing!

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