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Guide Catches Permit on New Years day!

Report Date: January 1, 2005

Happy New Year from Key West????
So on New years day 2005, I found myself waiting at the fuel dock for my charter that decided to pull a no show. Not a good idea to do to a guide. You see we are not like the dentist who has 12 other appointment that day. We have one shot for the day to work and when you no show, we no work????

But, as a treat to my self I figure I would go fish on my own why the rest of the world nursed them selves back to normal from the champagne and festivities from the night before. What better way to bring in the New Year than to go fish?

Now off and running I decided to check back to the east of Key West. Low water and cooler temp would make this trip a bit difficult, however, I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve. As I neared the flat I was going to fish I shut down the engine and drifted across the mouth of a channel to take a look in a few deeper sand holes. Taking my eye off the water I reached into my bait well to grab a small crab and rig up for a Permit. When my eyes again re captured the surrounding waters, I noticed a fish move into a deeper spot of the channel???.Well, I know one thing that crab was going in for a closer look around that channel. I cast the crab out about thirty yards and let it drift out with the tide. Suddenly the line started falling of the reel very quick. I closed the bail and when the line drew tight I had a fish on?the drag crept slow at first then started singing?Keep in mind I still have yet to see what the hell I have hooked. By the end of the second run I was palming the spool, trying to put max pressure on this fish?As I applied pressure the fish sliced upward just below the surface of the water and I saw now for the first time what would be a Permit. Now the damn strength of the fish makes sense. With my knees knocking and my heart racing I battled the fish the best I knew how. Hot damn, I got a Permit. However, If I do get him boat side, who going to tail him. Well I can tell you it was not easy. I, imagine I might looked like a tourist on the opening day of the Yellow Stone trying to raise there fly rod high enough to slide the trout into there net. Not to pretty I can guarantee you that. But those of you who fish with me know, its not always done how you read about it in the textbook. Authors write books for a living and fishing guides fish????..

So there you have it a Permit to the boat on News years day by about 9:30 a.m.
Happy New Year!

Two my charter that didn?t show???.Thanks I caught your Permit.

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