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Bonefish Census 2004 Angler Ted Thurnau helps out.

Report Date: October 26, 2004

Ted Thurnau gets a handle on the Bonefish population while helping out in the Bonefish census for 2004.

We know we saw at least one Bonefish today.

Although the condition where a bit less than desirable for chasing those allusive grey ghost we did however manage to hook up a nice 4 pound fish. Over all it was a slow start to the day fishing, large full moon tides and strong northeast winds gave us no fair advantage to counting the bonefish seen, let alone catching one. However, persistency pays off in the end as Ted managed to feed this guy a live shrimp. This Bonefish had bit off a bit more than he could chew as a large Bull Shark tried to eat him as Ted brought the husky fellow boat side. After a long revival at the boat, we can honestly say that we think Mr. Bonehead made it back home safe and sound after his release.

Now with Sharks around we figure we should have a go at hooking the larger Shark of the three in the area. We did hook up, however, the hook pulled shortly there after. So by this time we felt it was time to move on to another fishing spot.

The next flat brought us a look at a few Permit almost simultaneously as I stopped the boat, however, not a good chance for catching the Permit. Soon after we spotted a couple of large Permit swimming toward the boat. Now armed with a fiddler crab we let it fly, toward the oncoming targets. The lead fish spun off and ate the crab.

Fish On!
But wait what kind?
Bow to the king I exclaimed to Ted.

So Ted now tied into a forty pound Tarpon on 10lb mono went to work. Amazing mid October and we?re catching Tarpon on the flats, I tell you this is why as a guide I fish Key West. This fish went bonkers jumping at least 5 times, and to think there was no leader just straight 10lb mono on a 1/0 hook. Well it was a glorious fight but we had to break him off boat side, your typical Tarpon release. Truly awesome!

I guess Ted had got a little more than he had bargained for on this day, our so-called Bonefish census excursion.

How many Bonefish did we see this day? Not to many. However, we caught one.
How many Tarpon did we see on this day? Two, and one of which we had caught.

At this rate I figure Ted would come along to help me count Bonefish any day.
Want to count some bonefish or jump a Tarpon? Give me a call and I?ll get you out fishing.

Thanks again for great day fishing I had a blast.

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