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Flats Fishing Key West For Permit

Report Date: October 2, 2003

Well Oct. is great Permit and Bonefishing and this year is proving to be right on track. I fished only a few days this last week, however, it was awesome. Catching numerous Bones, and one Permit, I considered it great fishing, I don?t always judge my fishing by how many I get to the boat, but how many shots I can give an angler. Like the hockey stat, shots on goal. The more you shoot the better you score.

Some times a little Virgin luck is not a bad thing either. As an angler of mine found out about Permit fishing in Key West.

Permit it my favorite fish, and perhaps it?s the challenge it lend to the guide, angler combinations. Anyhow as we pulled up to the third flat of the day I told Paul that there would definitely be some Permit here. Only fishing a half-day we needed to get some action going soon. Paul wanted a Permit so this is what Paul was going to get?

The water was silky, smooth, and the tide was at dead low. The grass flats were out of the water and we had to fish of the edge of the flat in little deeper water. We poled along and searched for that one shot that was going to bring us to glory. The cloud cover made it tough, the visibility was awful. Therefore I had searched for a flat that was going to provide us with calm water, where we could find tail and or waking fish. So as I poled the flat we found a few wakes and pushes of water, however, they only proved to be Bonnet Sharks or Stingrays.

Finally when all hope was lost I found a wake that was certain to be a Permit. Pushing toward us at a good clip, I directed Paul how to present the Fly to this fish, he began to cast. On the first haul through the air the Permit did a 180-degree turn a smoked off the flat. Paul in pure shock asked me what he did wrong. I laughed and said, welcome to Permit fishing. After a couple more shots we had figure that we could not get within fifty yards of the Permit without them spooking. Remember as I said the conditions are slick calm and no visibility.

So faced with a humbling decision, Paul now opted for a spinning rod and live crab. Keep in mind Paul had never fished Permit, Fly or Spin so lets get some point on the board. Now, unable locate even a Shark, we poled along in search of the elusive Permit. Playing the odds I stuck with this flat, having faith in the Permit god.

In a closing moment almost out of time in a clutch situation I poled toward a deeper hole of water to check on a known Permit spot. Lenny, look check out those tails. Sure enough on the south side of the hole where 5 Permit tails. Only about two inches of the tails were visible, this was the shot we needed. Paul now ready is asked him to make a long cast outside of the fish to check the range of the cast and to make sure there were not more fish that we could not see. Letting the crab lay for a few seconds outside the hole, we had not takers. Setting up the boat in position for the next cast, Paul let the crab fly.

Fish on! The line smoked from the reel and it was obvious that we had hooked a good one. So after twenty minutes and numerous line smoking runs Paul had caught his first Permit. A great cast and a little bit of luck, is all you need to catch a Permit. Great catch Paul, you earned that fish.

Trust me, as a guide there is not a more frustrating and or rewarding fish than the Permit. If you have not fish for Permit you should, if you have not caught a Permit yet, you will. Remember it like the shot on goal, the more shot you have at a Permit the more likely you chances of catching one.

What are you waiting for: call me book the trip and we go search for the elusive Permit.
There are plenty of other fish down here that will provide you with great excitement.

Lets Go Fish!
Capt. Lenny

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