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Newly Weds Catch Tarpon

Report Date: May 28, 2004

Newly wed couple Mr. And Mrs. Ben and Lindsay Grove traveled to Key West for their honeymoon. While enjoying some well-deserved R&R, they also took part in catching in on the great Tarpon fishing.

We left the dock about seven a.m., en route to the first Tarpon hole. As we pulled yup slowly to the spot and set up, we eagerly watched for our quarry. A few fish sliding around, rolling toward the surface, and gasping for air. Large fish trotting around in the tide looking for a crab sandwich. However, we had no takers

So we moved on to another spot and then yet another, in hope of more Tarpon.
Ensuring the gang of the likely amount of fish we would soon see and have hope of catching we pulled up to the next spot.

This spot would be the trick. As we slid the pinfish back on a float in the current we had a eat instantaneously.

Air Tarpon

Fish on! As the Tarpon exploded out of the water the hook pulled. Loading up another road with pinfish we slid back another toward the now steadily rolling school of Tarpon. Fish on! This fish hit would lead of the double play. Instantly the Tarpon leaped into the air. Bow to him, Ben. Then again the fish jumped and keeping adequate pressure on him we finally caught and landed this Silver King.

Now taking time to re rig we all anxiously watched as the school of Tarpon kept frolicking in the current. So now loaded up with a pinfish Lindsey cast out and set the pinfish adrift toward our next victim. Instantly the float went under, I yelled wind up the line tight. Fish On! The Tarpon looking awesome as he was crashing back down into the water his first jump. Down with the rod tip when he goes air born Lindsey. Another jump, and the another. This fish being only about thirty to forty pounds was the perfect size for Lindsey. So after a ten-minute battle, the new Bride had caught her first Tarpon.

Feeling quite pleased at the morning?s event we decided to head to the dock and call it a good half days fishing. All I can say is that there are good days and there are great days. If ever two people deserved to catch a couple of Tarpon it was Ben, and Lindsey. Hey gang, nice going, and the best of luck to you. Happy Marriage. God Speed.

Captain Lenny

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