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Key West FIshing Reports Tarpon Showing Up

Report Date: April 26, 2004

Greeting from Key West, Fl. It mid April and we are still fighting the winter wind. As a result the fishing has been somewhat unstable. From one day to the next you never know what to expect with the weather. Consequently the fish react differently from day to day. But never the less the Tarpon are heard and the Permit is available on good visibility days and the Bones are here.

Last evening while sitting outside on my fly tying bench working on a few new fly patterns, I noticed the large increase of mosquitoes trying to bite at me. Laughing to myself I said well it must be Tarpon season. The mercury is rising on the thermometer and the mosquitoes are biting. These are typical characteristics of Tarpon season.

Just ask Joe Delbruno about the Tarpon fishing. After two day we only boated one Tarpon. This fish was brilliant as it jumped 6 or 8 times in the first ten minutes and then proceeded to beat up on Joe pretty good for the next half hour.

Joes and Lenny butt heads with Joe's Tarpon.

But Joe had his way as we boated the Tarpon which was a healthy male fish weighing in at about 80 lbs

Four day ago one of my customers hooked a 35lb plus pound Permit which unfortunately broke the line next to the boat. I had touched the fish and the leader so it was considered a caught fish.

Two day ago I fished three luck anglers in the medical field who had become greatly educated in the Tarpon field by days end. Each angler boated a Tarpon and we jumped on additional one, however, never got a good hook up.

Stay tuned for more Tarpon Tales.

Nice going to all my anglers.

I enjoyed fishing with you.

Lets GO Fish???.

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