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Tarpon Fishing Continious With A Shot Of Redemption!

Report Date: April 1, 2004

Every man needs to be given his shot for redemption. After the great Tarpon fishing the day before I told Jenn, and Buck that we need to leave the dock at six a.m. to get out to the Tarpon and try to get one early. Having no objections to this we pulled the boat off plane at about 6:30 the next day, at our same location from the day prior. The fish were stacked up again. Tarpon rolling continuously on the horizon, like a bottle up ended and drifting in the tide.

Buck now armed with his fly rod, jenny at his six, and I a top my platform we meant business. Getting into casting range of the first school and taking ample shot we got no bites. Doing this same procedure with the next school we once again received no bites or even follows on the fly. So minutes turned into a few hours with zero hook ups and by mid morning there was a whole lot less Tarpon rolling. Thinking like a Tarpon I suggested we move a few hundred yards up stream, and this move I tell you would make history. The Tarpon were once again everywhere. Now having buck in position we continuously casted the fly, over, and over to the Tarpon.

He?s on Buck shouted! Then all at once the water erupted with a hundred and twenty pound Tarpon going airborne. When the fish came down the line went slack and we once again had no fish on. So with that I sharpened the hook even more, knowing very well that we just needed a lucky break at some point to catch a Tarpon. Buck now fully aware of all things to do after the first day out Tarpon fishing.

Buck Catches First Tarpon On Fly

As Buck took a much-needed 5 min rest I decided to give Jenn a rod with a pinfish and a float or bobber and drift it back into the Tarpon. Fish on I shouted as the float went under. Instantly the Tarpon leaped out of the water and Jenny pulled hard back on the rod and what happened next? The Tarpon fell off the hook, because we did not lower the rod tip or bow to the king on the jump.

So time went on very much the same after this. Buck jumped two more and had a few more eat with zero hook staying in for more than one jump. Until something finally happened, some thing magical on this day.

He?s following it! You be sure to strike him good if he eats, I shouted to Buck. He ate!
Fish on! One jump, two jumps three jumps and the fish is still on. As a guide I tell you this was very much a relief, knowing we made it through the first few jumps. Know I know that till we pull the fly at the boat any thing can happen, however, I had a feeling our luck was to change. So after 26 minutes we release about a 50lb Tarpon. An that my friend was Buck first Tarpon caught on fly or any other tackle for that matter.

Now it was Jenns turn to dance with the king. So loading her rod up we drifted a pinfish back into the Tarpon. And before you know it we were hooked up. One jump, two jump and the fish was still on. The battle now in full swing and her husband very relaxed stood on the bow and coached her along. Now bowing methodically with the Tarpons Arial assault we battle this Tarpon. Then suddenly the line went slack????.
Wouldn?t you know it, the hook just pulled? So after hour and hours of Tarpon fishing a great many hook up and jumped fish, we ended up, only one up for the two day trip.
Listen gang this has been phenomenal Tarpon fishing, I know buy the stats we did not do to good, But what the hell we caught one on fly. So there you have it we dig get our shot at redemption.

Great job Buck!
We?ll get you a Tarpon next year Jenn???.

Thanks you for the enjoyable fishing.

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