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Flats Fishing Key West, A Cool Change.

Report Date: November 2, 2003

Sitting here now it?s hard to believe the Holiday Season is just around the corner.
Time flies when your having fun. November brings upon us a cool change for flats fishing down here in Key West. The weather is quite a bit cooler, which will drop our water temp. on the flats. Thus bringing a few more Permit onto the flats, Barracudas, and a heck of a lot more Sharks. I am also pleased to say that there are still plenty of Bonefish around.

The last week down here on the flats was a bit tough. The Wind blew and so the story goes, you make the best of the situation. Looking for Sharks and Barracuda, and places that where out of the 20knotts of North wind. Finding great success on most days, I was very pleased and more importantly so where my angler.

Kristina Boros managed to haul in an 80lb Black-tip Shark, while here brother in law battled a twenty-pound Cuda. Kristina has now decided that swimming with Barracuda on the reef might not be the best thing to do. Keep in mind large barracuda, will eat anything, We confirmed this, as Mr. Cuda ate up our Lady Fish that we where trying to catch. That Cuda didn?t get all our fish as there where plenty more Jacks and Lady fish to be caught. Most definitely enough action to keep us busy while fishing.

I also was fortunate enough to take Tami the Birthday girl out fishing. What a trip??..
Tami managed to successfully land a monster Black-tip Shark, about the size of her on 10lb mono. I?m putting money on her, when She's fighting the fish. An awesome catch. Her girl friend had also caught plenty of Jacks and Lady Fish.

Yesterday was beautiful down here, and the flats had come to life once again. We did not catch and Permit or Bonefish; however, we did see quite a few more Permit and a small school of Bonefish. So things are looking good for the next few days. Which is nice. Because I?ll be out there on the water trying to chase down another trophy fish or grand slam for my customers.

Lets Go Fish!
Capt. Lenny

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