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Fishing Key West, What Are You Waiting For?

Report Date: November 19, 2003

Fishing down here in Key West has definitely proved interesting the past couple of week.
We have had wind in excess of 15 knots for at least three week. However, with each new day there is always a shot to catch one of the big three.

Those crazy Tarpon made a showing for us the other day, when we managed to jump three fish an hour after leaving the dock. The largest went about 60lb, all of these fish are considered resident fish, Meaning they live here all year round, heading of into the deeper water when we have in climate weather. Then they push back into the shallow when the weather is nice and the air temp. Are warmer and the winds are stable.

The Cudas are slowly making there way onto the flats, with each passing cold front.
These fish are a blast to catch in shallow water, and they can make for a good target on those tough days when the Permit and Bonefish are a bit scarce. These fish a relentless and when fished on ten-pound mono or a 9 weight fly rod you have no idea what they will do once hooked. Explosive strikes and line stripping runs and great jump, these fish hold a special spot with me.

I look to see more Sharks around as the water temperature cool down. They will be up on the flats with consistency, as they will be targeting those same Cudas that we are fishing for.

So as a whole I guess the fishing still has been pretty darn good, remember, its fall down here in the Keys. This is a time of fishing transition, as well as unstable weather patterns. However keep in mind there is no snow or frost in Key West and there wont be either. We still are reaching 80 plus degrees during the day and a comfortable 73-degree at night.

So what are you waiting for?

Lets Go Fish!

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