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Fishing Key West: Where is my luck Penny?

Report Date: December 18, 2003

Well its that time of year when most of you are hustling about doing last minute Christmas shopping. Starting your day by scraping the frost of the windshield of your SUV, and heading off an hour early to combat the icy roads and holiday traffic in hope of arriving at work on time.

Believe it or not we suffer down here in the Keys from cold weather. With the mercury dropping to the lower 60?s at night, and holiday traffic (all 4 traffic lights), hustling out to buy a new flannel shirt or sweat shirt cause you?ve miss placed the only one you own from last year.

But the one great gift to us as anglers and guides are the Barracuda and Shark. Even on the cold days you still have a shot at some explosive fishing. As Cecily and Bob found out on there fishing adventure here in Key West, Florida. Due to old man winter we had two days of less than average Key West weather. The first day was not to bad having calm winds we set off to Find Mr. Tarpon in hopes of casting that special fly and hooking the Silver King. Unfortunately cooler water hade closed the door for that chance, however, we did catch a handful of nice size Jack Crevaile on a clouser pattern. Next off we headed toward the flats, having good sky we were now in search of any Target. Barracuda, Shark, Permit and Bonefish it didn?t matter we were prepared. Our first shot at a fish was a Cuda, however, no bites. Then after poling for an hour of more we had had a great many shots a nice sized Cuda?s. The only problem being is that form some reason these fish were reluctant to bite. So we moved to another flats and found many more Barracuda and a few Sharks, however, we still could not get a bite. These fish were being absolutely impossible. Following the fly or the tube lure and even whacking at it but we could not get a hook in them. So by days end we ranked about 1 out of 20 hooked Barracuda. Plenty of action, yet we couldn?t get the fish to the boat.

Cecily proud to hold her much deserved Barracuda

What makes this happen? I know that there are days when the fish are unsettled due to weather changes, and or tide and moon. However, why is this that some days you just cant buy a hook up? We had fish grab hold the tube lure, chase the fly, we even broke off a few. But the one constant was the fact that we could not get a fish to the boat. This is where a little bit of luck has to play a role. I see this from time to time, and no matter what I always baffles this. So I can tell you this much as a guide and fisherman. Sometime a little bit of luck out weighs all the skill in the world.

So to you Cecily and Bob, I found my lucky Penny. Thank you both I had a great couple of days fishing.

We?ll Get em? next time.

Lets Go Fish!
Capt. Lenny

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