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More is not always better when flying the friendly skies.

Report Date: April 16, 2003

With Tarpon season 2003 fast approaching, many anglers a gearing up. Setting up gear, looking for a new reel, dusting the cob webs off that twelve weight, anxiously awaiting there trip to Key West. Where once again they will test the odds against The Silver King. Over the past few years our traveling restrictions have changed a bit. Among the airlines, standards for carry on bags and number of bags or items one may bring has changed. Keep this is mind when packing gear for your trip to Key West. More is not always better when flying the friendly skies. Be sure to check with your guide about the necessary equipment.
All guides should supply you with fly rods and or spinning rods, leaders, flies, etc. Bring your own rods if you like, we do encourage this, but make sure it?s the correct size for the species you choose to fish.

A few simple things to remember.

1) Name tags on all gear bags, rod
cases, and or rod tubes.

2) Do not lock gear bags or rod cases.
They will want to look inside.

3) Do not carry on fly boxes, they may
take the flies. (Use your discretion)

We are all gear fanatics; however, choose wisely what you bring for your fishing trip. I personally as most guide have enough tackle to supply a small populations of people. Remember, what you bring down and don?t use you still have to take home on the airplane. Also a flats skiff has limited storage so deck space is limited. Make sure to talk with your guide before you travel to Key West, as to make decisions on what gear to bring.

If you have not booked a fishing trip and would like to please contact me,
Captain Lenny and I?ll be happy to get you out there on the Flats west of Key West.

As always,
Lots of Luck.

Captain Lenny

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