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Report Date: July 27, 2008

July can be a great month for fishing down here in Key West, Fl. By now the migrating tarpon have slowed or even stopped so I find myself as a guide changing things up a bit. Taking the time to go and look for other creatures, like bonefish and permit. The bonefish are around in good numbers. . The permit, I see more schools or smaller fish this time of year, than any other time of year. Early morning you may find plenty of juvenile tarpon frolicking in the backcountry, just waiting to eat a well placed fly. I do like and have had a good month of fishing in July. Yet the one thing I do tell people about the summer time fishing is that it can be inconsistent. One day it may be fantastic and the next day it may be very poor. Itís just the way the fishing goes in the summer. As a guide I have tried to crack this mystery, and have had some success. I find I have to search outside the box. Not always finding fish in the hot spots, searching far and wide, and finding a few fish in several spots. Keep in mind some days there are not too many fish around. It fishing!
Water temperature is a big facture for July fishing. There are many places where I see the water reach up to 90+ degrees. Hot, way too hot. The bait will not and cannot tolerate temperature above 90 degrees. So it should come as no surprise the fish wonít be there. Just as in the winter time you or a guide may search for warm water, well the summer we look for cooler water. This warm water is great for shrimp and crab hatches though. So look out for some great fishing action if you find this. The permit, and the tarpon love this scenario, and you may find them staged up feeding.
Have fun and catch fish, thatís my advice. If you have never fished the Keys in the summer time give it a try, you will enjoy it.

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