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Fishing Key West, Fl. in the spring time

Report Date: April 5, 2008

Spring time in Key West, Fl., what a joyous time of year, to be a flats guide. To be able to have a choice at fishing for so many species in one day. The past two weeks I have had many regular customer that when I had given the fishing choice of permit, tarpon, barracuda and shark fishing, they opted for, the silver king. Tarpon fishing for the month of April over all has been real good. The gulf side fish have pushed into the channels and shallow creeks up and down the Keys. These channels give the opportunity for the fly caster or the spin caster to shoot at a great many schools of tarpon. Of these gulf side tarpon (from the Gulf of Mexico) you may find several in a school that may weigh in excess of 100 lbs or better. A husband and wife couple from south Florida put well over ten tarpon in the air in one afternoon. How many did we actually get to the boat? Well thatís a whole different number. The one thing I tell my entire customer group whether fishing fly tackle or spinning tackle is that on average you catch or get to the boat one out of every five tarpon. Thatís is not great odds, however, once you spend a half hour or more battling one of these silver kings, the idea of loosing a few in the process doesnít seem to bad. The weather or wind has been in my opinion has made fishing a bit more difficult. From the aspect of choosing location, however, the fish are here if work at this.

Today on the water I had a ten year old boy from Virginia. All he wanted to do was catch a shark. So we searched for jaws, only to pass by the tailing permit and the tarpon. Not always easy for the guide, however, the boy called the shot on the quarry he fishing. After poling a few spots and finding some shark, Bennet the boy managed two hook 3 blacktip sharks and land one of them which I bet would weigh in at about 80lbs. Great Job! After we got the last one to the boat and safely released the fish, Bennet said, Capt. Lenny lets head to the barn.

Just remember you donít always have to be fishing bonefish, tarpon and permit on the flats off Key West to have a great day.

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