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Flats Fishing Key West, Another Grand Slam?

Report Date: July 26, 2003

Sitting now in my humble abode as I nurse my second cup of coffee on the morning of a much needed day off, I still have to wonder, are those Tarpon rolling, are the Permit tailing on the flats. Looking out the window of my office at dawn?s first light I can easily say yes, those fish are out there, and I know just where to look. And tomorrow once again if the good lord willing and the weatherman cooperate my customers and I can go embark on another wild adventure of chasing those elusive Bonefish.

Yesterdays I fished two ? day trips. The first one I managed to jump a Tarpon briefly before letting him go and then a large Bull Shark decide to join us! My anglers and I did not mind so much, however, the Tarpon did. Those damn Bull sharks like to eat Tarpon. Can?t we all just get along out there? So after hooking a couple of Sharks a loosing them close to the boat we opted for the flats and had little sun light, offering terrible visibility, so our Bonefishing went down un successful. A good time was still had by all.

The second trip I knew we were looking for Bonefish, then around sun down I would try again for some Tarpon. Traveling east of Key West about 20 miles we did manage to catch a nice Bonefish and miss a nice Permit. With rainsqualls and thunderstorms around our flat fishing was a bit unsettled. Yet the Bonefish we caught made the wind and rain and adverse fly-casting conditions seem not so bad.

Traveling back toward Key West near sun down I decide to stop and have a go at a Tarpon. After about ten minute in this particular spot with a pin fish floating out we put a fish in the air, and by golly it was a Tarpon. Now this is turning out to be pretty good we are looking @ 2/3 of a grand slam, I told my customer. Yet with the sun now setting we were out of light for a shot at Mr. Permit. So paying homage to the Fish gods we prayed for a Tarpon for Sue, as we say patiently waiting for a Tarpon to eat the prized pinfish we watched beautiful electric storms in the thunderheads over the Gulf of Mexico. I think he?s on Sue shouted, and with that the Tarpon heaved himself out of the water, and as quick as he was there he was gone again. We never got that fished to the boat, however, as with all fishing some day you win some day you loose, and on this day we won about 2/3 and one jump. This equals out to a Tarpon, Bonefish and a one jump Tarpon.

So as a whole for July this far all I can say is it has been very interesting fishing. For a guide it has kept me busy and on my toes. The fish have been sparse on some days and everywhere on other days. I just wish they would give me a heads up on which it would be from day to day. All I can say is that each and everyday out there I?ll will give you 150% and do my best to put you on fish, I just hope you have a talk with the fish and tell them to cooperate, cause they don?t always listen to me.

Give me a call and Lets Go Fish!
Capt. Lenny

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