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Key West, fl. offers great permit fishing in July.

Report Date: July 28, 2007

July offered angles fishing in Key West, some great permit fish this July. The permit seemed to be everywhere, and beyond the permit where ready to eat. Crab patterns, shrimp patterns or live crabs on spinning tackle. I had a father and son team for Eastern Europe that managed to tip the scale with the largest Permit that I have had on my boat all year. This permit ate a live crab. We watched the fish eat one live crab off the surface before taking aim on our crab. After hooking this large permit we then had to start the motor and chase it down to recover line on the real and keep the poor fish from being eaten by a Shark. At last we boat this husky permit which took two hands to tail and lift into the boat. As a guide always the big indicator on size of a permit is if itís a one hand fish or a two hand fish. Once the fish hit around 30 lbs or more I find myself using two hands to grab hold of the fish. Once I grab a hold of these big fish I need to get the head up out of the water a quick as possible. These fish are strong. I figure once I grab a hold of the permit , the fish is coming in the boat or I am going in the water with the fish, either way I am not letting go of the fish... I have not gone in the water to date. My father had great success with permit and tarpon fishing in July. He managed to catch more permit and boat one more tarpon. I guarantee one thing, my Dad has caught more permit down here in Key West, Fl than anyone I can think of, including myself and or guides. So at this point we just chalk up three more permit to his collection.

My Day with a nice mutton snapper caught on crab while permit fishing.

The Bonefishing was fair, however, not what I have seen in the past for July Bonefishing in Key West. I did manage to spend some time fishing on my own for these rascals and yes, I did even catch a few. I expect August should produce more Bonefish.

Tarpon fishing? Like most Julyís some days itís great some days its not. The Tarpon where around however the consistency of them in July is just one thing you can not count on. We did boat a few monster over 120lb, so this put the idea that you can only catch baby tarpon in the summer to rest.

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