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Report Date: June 5, 2007

June is a great month for fishing in Key West, Florida. The most abundant fish on the flats in June in Key West would be the tarpon. Every year the tarpon migrate from the far reaches of South America up to and past south Florida. This is primal and is considered part of there spawning ritual. So what you find on the flats are large groups or schools of tarpon. Some of the more common term you might here when tarpon fishing are: daisy chain, strings, schools, laid up fish, or travelers.

Daisy chain: Very common amongst the migrating tarpon. This can be a group of tarpon from 5 fish to 100 hundred fish swimming in circular patterns down the edge of the flat. The pattern of which they swim is done like and artist might draw circles if he or she was to drawl a flower, a daisy. These fish are in most cases a predominately male fish courting a few larger female fish.

Stings: This is a common term used amongst guides that refer to the travelers, or the traveling tarpon. These fish will swim down the edge of the flat in a wagon train type fashion. The head of one fish is directly behind the tail of another fish. This can go down a line of 3 fish to more than 50 fish.

Laid up tarpon: This can tarpon in a school or a single fishing lying suspended in the water column almost motionless in as little as two feet of water or up to ten feet of water, just simply resting. These are fantastic fish for the fly caster. These fish can produce amazing takes on the fly.

These are a few of the most common term used all over the world to describe Tarpon. IF you have never fished the Tarpon, you may wish to consider giving this fish a try. I guarantee it will get your adrenaline pumping.

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