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Report Date: April 14, 2007

Fishing down here in Key West was a bit unusual at the start of this week, Due to an unlikely and very disappointing cold front that had pushed in this past Saturday. The local water temperatures had dropped form the upper 78 degree mark to the upper 60ís.
The end result of this cooler water temperature is a drastic change in fishing technique and or target species. The common April fishing of Permit, Bonefish and Tarpon, had been set back to a winter time fishery of Barracuda, Shark, Jack crevaile and Lady fishing. There where reports of some fantastic Barracuda and Shark fishing on Monday and Tuesday of this week. However like most cold front in the Keys they doe not last to long and Iím glad to say that we are back on track for more great spring time action on the flats and in the basing of the lower Keys and Key West.

The water Temperature is back up in the mid to upper 70ís and the Tarpon are pushing back in from the abyss. The Permit fishing is holding strong, even though there is a slight decrease in number seen due to the spring time spawning. The Permit start filtering off shore to deeper water to spawn each spring in the month of April and then filter slowly back inland on to the flats. Not to worry not all the Permit go away. Iíve seen many April with a whole lot better Permit fishing than in February. I spotted a few Bonefish around the Gulf side flats in the later half of the week. The Bonefishing should be showing much improvement for the weeks to come. This is directly related to the rising temperatures of the water. These fish, particularly the Bonefish like very warm water.

The evening Tarpon fishing has been offering some great action. A couple of my anglers this week where fortunate enough to get in on that action as they hooked and landed several Tarpon on fly. Most of the fish ranging from the 60 to 80 pound range.

This week ahead looks good for Tarpon and Permit and donít forget to keep and eye out for Mr. Bonefish.

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