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Smoke fog in Key West

Report Date: May 10, 2007

The swamp fires located in Florida, have added a new dimension to the fishing down here in Key West. Due to the unusual north wind this past week, we have received a great deal of smoke fog in the lower keys, in fact on numerous days the visibility was less than a mile. This element as does the wind and the tides or sun and clouds, puts a spin on how and where you might be fishing for these Tarpon. If the tarpon is of course the species you have chosen species to target.
Tarpon as a rule are very active in the dawns early light and again in the evening around dusk and all through the night when they are feeding. So what occurred by the smoke fog was an illusion of dawn or early morning light which lasted hours longer than it would other wise. This effect would Keep the Tarpon up higher in the water and rolling or broaching well into the nine or ten o’clock hour of the morning. This set up the scenario for some great fishing. At the end of the week smoke fog aside I think the Tarpon fishing has been good, is it where it should be for mid May? No, I don’t personally think so, however, myself and a great many other guide have been hooking lots of Tarpon.
The Permit and Bonefish are out there, if you have the time to break away from the Tarpon fishing. Some days it’s just nice to change quarry. This is the one of the many great things about fishing the Keys this time of year. If the water is warm enough to make the Tarpon happy then you can bet that the Permit and Bonefish are tailing up on a flat somewhere near by.
Just remember when fishing, often times success is when opportunity and luck come together as one.

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