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Bonefishing Key West through the mind of Captain Lenny.

Report Date: August 20, 2006

Summer fishing down here in Key West is awesome. I took a month off from Tarpon fishing and spent many days or weeks chasing those allusive Bonefish. I enjoy the change from fishing for those big monster Tarpon, besides this is the time of year where Key West shines for its Bonefishing ability. Taking a trip into less than a foot of gin clear water we search for them Bones. Devoting a day to Bonefish is a neat thing, never straying far from a depth of 18 inches or less and never taking consideration for those other allusive flats species. Spin casting for Bonefish is a great way to go. Recently I have added a couple of what I call, weenie rods to my tackle arsenal. These rods are great for casting light jigs or shrimp to Bonefish. These rods are also matched up great for size and strength of a Bonefish, not to over powering, requiring a bit more finesse to land a fish. I have also spent some time tying special jigs that are designed like some of my favorite fly patters I use for Bonefish. A great artificial alternate to bait fishing for Bonefish. I had a few days where we landed seven to nine Bonefish all of which averages five pound or more. Fly fishing customer of mine are having some fun using my new six weight rod which a good customer gave me (nice gratuity tip). The six weight really gets a work out on an eight pound Bonefish. I have been working on some new fly patters as well, so if youíre lucky you get a shot at catching a Bonefish on a never seen before fly pattern. Those of you that fish with me know what a treat my fly patters are.

So that my story and Iím sticking to it. Just in case you wondered there are still plenty of Permit and Tarpon around to be fish for. In fact we jumped one on fly yesterday morning.

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